California City Studios
In Search of Reality

In search of, Reality®

 A new show created by Russell Michael, for Pixthor Entertainment. Pixthor, scours the globe, for the next big reality hit series, could that be you? The Question this show asks it contestants! In, the Search of Reality Contestant are ask to send their videos in, that best show cases their lives, describes their reason for believing they will be the next big hit reality show! The videos are then screened and selected by television and production heads, then the best of the best are edited for a show on You Tube where the public will decided who they think is the next big Reality hit! The winner will go on to be, offered up for cable television, to the highest bidders! If you think you have what it takes, rush your video to Pixthor at   866-966-3456

Fremont Valley

Pioneering built this country! Taking a chance,making a difference. is never with out cost! The Fine living of intercity life, way more attractive then the high desert, but that life was defined by others. The roots of that life lie in the
Hands of those that came before you, they built your life, they define who you are ! I n Fremont Valley the stars can be counted, the wind changed, your the prospects mined, you can shape your world, you cam stretch the ribbon, lay the foundation, and put the first shovel in the ground that defines the rest of your life and those that follow you to this high desert Pioneering arts community, where Gorilla filming, leads daring young film makers to the doorstep of success, in the film industry! Where Graffiti artist, can express them self, in a majestic way! Come be A part of something big! Join us, in Fremont Valley California, Soon to be the fastest growing artist community with artist lofts are signature, to world success!
Gorilla Film Makers/ Pioneering Artist

The Giuseppe Group supporting Pioneering Artist, “Garilla film makers” in the Mojave Desert / Fremont Valley, of Southern California

Fremont Valley For The Pioneering Artist

Fremont Valley, High Desert California, A Pioneerng arts Community, Film Makes, Actors, sculptors, Painters, Writers, Documentary creators, and much more!
Fremont Valley, Artist lofts, for the pioneering spirt, in all of us!

American Highway Sculpture Exhibition” Call for Artist! “SP14”

Solar Trees To Power Off the grid artist lots

Russel Michael, Sculptor and creater of the cement trees, that adorned the Famous Amazon Bar And Grill, in Santa Monica California! And formed the Canopies fr Mo-bay Restaurant Venice California. Has developed a “Solar Tree” that will power his, off the Grid Artist Lofts in Mojave California. The Trees will be similar to those pictured, the solar panels will be supplied by Solar City.

Artist living off the grid

Artist Off the Grid

American Highway Exhibition
American Highway Exhibition